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Friends Provide a Helping Hand

Friends Provide a Helping Hand

Newly Installed Handrail

We are pleased to say that although the PCC experienced long delays in obtaining the necessary Faculty, the handrail by the entrance steps to the main gate has at last been installed. During the intervening period it became apparent that pall-bearers shouldering a coffin were experiencing difficulty in negotiating the steps as the gate could not be fixed in the open position. As a consequence a matching iron gate catch has had to be fitted which will solve the problem and avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

The PCC also reported the need for the addition of a smaller handrail beside the outside steps leading to the gate. This has now been fitted so that everyone is able to negotiate the steps with a much greater degree of safety.

All of the work was carried out by Ian Ridgway of Felbrigg Forge in the village. The design of the handrails closely matches the gates and lantern arch all of which were designed, fabricated and installed by Ian over the years. The Friends agreed to meet the estimated cost of £360 for the original handrail, but given the additional necessary works, the final bill emerged at just over £500. Ian kindly offered to meet the amount in excess of £500 as being his donation towards the scheme, so that the final contribution by the Friends has been restricted to £500.

It’s pleasing to report that we have already received a positive feedback from the elderly who regularly use the steps, so it has proved to be a most worthwhile exercise.