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The Bell is Back in the Tower!

The Bell is Back in the Tower!

The Bell ready to be re-installed

At 8am on Tuesday 19th September, Paul Mason, professional bell hanger, Northampton, arrived with his assistant Tim, to re-install the bell that had undergone a satisfactory weld repair by the specialist contractors, Soundweld, Cheveley, Newmarket. Soundweld found a further minor crack that had previously remained hidden, but fortunately it didn’t present any particular problem. They have an enviable reputation for successfully repairing bells by using a unique welding technique and this avoids the need to have the bell re-cast, so we have our original medieval bell, clearly dated 1600, back in service. What a wonderful result!

Jim Dumolo and John Rampling remained at the church through most of the day to provide additional manpower when needed, but more particularly to make tea! The bell is now safely back in the tower and fully restored – it looks terrific!

Our sincere thanks go to Ann and her late husband Richard for their most generous donations which enabled the repairs to go ahead, without which we would have had to apply for significant funding beyond the grant of £1,400 obtained from Church Care.
Ann was able to make a couple of visits during the day, firstly to see the bell safely off-loaded from the van and in through the narrow tower door and later on to watch as the bell was slowly winched up through the tower trap door, again with very little room to spare.