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A Visit to the Houses of Parliament

A Visit to the Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

At The Friends Auction on April 1st 2016 I successfully bid for the visit to the Houses of Parliament and tea with Norman Lamb, our local MP.

It wasn’t until December 12th that my friend, Helen, and I made the trip down to London. Firstly we were given a tour of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords which we both found most interesting. The Ushers, however, were very strict with the public but we learned some most interesting facts about the building itself and various meeting rooms. Both Houses are closed to the public at 1pm.

After lunch we met up with Norman in the Assembly Room. From there he took us to a tea room where MP’s take visitors. Being near to Christmas we had mince pies with our tea. Norman was a most charming and interesting person. He asked questions about ourselves and what we did for a living. He knew quite a bit about Benjamin Court, Cromer where I worked as he had to deal with one of the resident’s problems. He had to leave for a radio interview mid afternoon so he then handed us over to his PA who arranged for us to have passes into the Commons so we could see what went on in there. We didn’t stay very long as we were not too interested in what was being debated. One thing I did decide was that I do not envy the Speaker his job!

All in all a fascinating day.

Mandy Wegg