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How Do You Get a Cherry Picker Into a Church?

The last Quinquennial Report indicated that there could be death watch beetle in the main timber beams high up in the nave and recommended that these should be checked. Jim Dumolo, Fabric Officer and also “Friend” of St. John’s, is a very practical person and he made detailed enquiries with local plant hire firms to locate a cherry picker that would pass through the porch, as well as negotiate the main entrance door and the pair of internal swing doors.

Having found the cherry picker, it needed a certain amount of man power to get it from the car park and into the church and that’s where more “Friends” came to lend a helping hand.

Manoeuvring the Cherry Picker

With a minimum of clearance it arrived in the nave with not so much as a scratch on a pew or the cherry picker. Jim was able to check most of the main beams which confirmed signs of beetle attack, although nothing of recent origin. The opportunity was taken to remove 4 of the 6 high level redundant electric heaters in order to tidy up the appearance of the nave. Unfortunately the out-riggers to the cherry picker wouldn’t fit in between the pews so two heaters had to be left for the time being and will have to be removed later using ladders (when help from “Friends” will again be needed).